Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Davis Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

Davis's Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests 2.0, based on Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications (2nd Edition), is the ideal reference for medical/nursing students, physicians and nurses alike. This easy-to-consult product contains over 400 monographs covering in excess of 650 tests including Alzheimer’s markers, cancer markers, expanded therapeutic drugs, communicable diseases, and much more. This reference manual provides the comprehensive experience of nursing, clinical laboratory, and radiology specialists at your fingertips.

The Second Edition is designed for practical day-to-day use:

* Headings separate content within monographs into easily accessible information segments.

* Includes concise explanations of the most common diagnostic tests.

* Nursing implications allow users to quickly check pre-test requirements, intratest procedures and monitoring, and post-test care.

* Critical values with life-threatening or serious implications are visually highlighted.

* Reference ranges are in conventional and SI units, accompanied by the SI conversion factor.

* An exhaustive index facilitates finding a test by any of its acronyms, synonyms, or abbreviations, and incorporates diseases and disorders.

* Tables group lab and diagnostic tests by system.

* The ‘More’ section contains:

o Guidelines for age-specific communication

o Natural products (Effects on tests)

o Nursing diagnoses (Associated with tests)

o Patient prep for tests

o Standard precautions (CDC isolation precautions)

o Transfusion reactions

* Other content upgrades include:

o Pathophysiologic rationales behind primary tests

o Step-by-step procedural explanations

o Social and cultural considerations

o Tips for providing emotional support during tests and communicating outcomes

o Expanded nutritional considerations to include discussion of their impact on the recovery process

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