Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pocket Medical Encyclopedia

Description: The Pocket Medical Encyclopedia is brought to you in joined effort between MedicineNet and Beiks, two leading companies in the fields of medical reference content and mobile reference applications respectively.

It consists of two parts, the MedicineNet's Medical Encyclopedia and BDicty (pronounced "bi-dikti") - the general dictionary reader application, developed by Beiks. Here is some information for each of them:

MedicineNet's Medical Encyclopedia
version: 1.1

Written entirely by U.S. board certified physicians, this reference work includes more than 10,500 entries from the medical field. These include not only the usual standard medical terms but also pertinent scientific items, abbreviations, acronyms, jargon, institutions, projects, symptoms, syndromes, eponyms, medical history and particularly anything of value and of interest.

MedicineNet's award winning content has been recognized in publications such as Yahoo! Internet Life, and U.S. News and World Report. The MedicineNet doctors are proud to have authored the Webster's New World(TM) Medical Dictionary published in June 2000 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. MedicineNet's content is used by libraries, government agencies, doctor's offices, pharmacy networks, hospitals, insurance organizations, medical schools, and other healthcare organizations worldwide.

BDicty Dictionary Reader Pro
version: 4.92

BDicty is an award winning mobile application specialized in organizing and displaying reference content, primarily dictionaries.

Loaded with proper set of language, professional, scientific or even entertainment reference databases, BDicty would quickly become one of the most valuable and used applications in your handheld, whether Palm® or Pocket PC®.

* Specialized for reference content (dictionaries), resulting in simplified interface and improved speed
* Hundreds of language, specialized and entertainment dictionaries and phrasebooks, including free titles; if you can't find your dictionary let us know!
* Available for all popular mobile platforms (Palm OS, Pocket PC, Sharp Zaurus)
* Instant lookup from within any other application*
* Extendable with custom articles*
* Unlimited unidirectional dictionaries
* High data compression, leaving more memory for other applications
* Dictionary browsing with dynamic word positioning
* Cross-lookup feature
* Two view modes with adjustable display panes
* True support for MMC, SD, MS external media cards through VFS
* Tested on the whole family of PalmOS™ devices, up to PalmOS 4.1
* Adjustable font sizes
* Horizontal / Vertical views
* Smart view
* Most recently words list
* Word of the day
* Download availability online
* Rich, up-to-date documentation

* Not available in the free Light version, but only in the Pro version.

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