Sunday, May 11, 2008

IV Therapy Notes Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide

Section 1: Basics
Section 2: Fluids & Electrolytes
Section 3: Peripheral
Section 4: Central Venous Access Procedures
Section 5: Blood Transfusion Therapy Procedures
Section 6: Nutritional Support
Section 7: Medication Administration
Section 8: Tools
Basics Contents:
1 BASICS Common Formulas
2 Body Surface Area (BSA)
2 Pediatric Formulas
3 Pediatric IV Solutions
4 Universal Formula for Calculating Drip Rates and Drug Amounts
5 IV Fluid Rates in Drops per Minute
6 Basic Formula
7 General Dilution Chart (G to mg)
8 General Dilution Chart (mg to ?g)
9 Basics Notes Central

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