Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pocket Trauma

FREEWARE, dedicate to EMS ,Unparalleled Stand alone Palm OS application.

The fastest and easiest to use application dealing with Trauma. It is a great aid in preparing for most Trauma EXAMS and Courses.

Features :

* History dB - Collect your Patients' History (AMPLE) in easy and style way Database from your Palm OS.
* Burns - just enter Kg and get Fluids treatment guide.
* Drugs - Details + Calculators about Trauma common Drugs such as Ketamine, Diazepam, Phenytoin, Morphine and more.
* Pediatric - Burns, Intubation, Head Trauma, Shock and more.
* Shock - Details, Classification and Calculators.
* GCS and RTS.
* Trauma Pearls - Tips and info. reminder for real life and Advanced Trauma Exams preparation.
* Procedures - Needle Application , Chest tube Central Line.
* Survey - Immediate Trauma Survey, ABCDE, including Tips and Info.
* FREE! life time Software update.
* FREE! Registered users are welcome to request NEW features for future Pocket Trauma Version. 12. Will Help you pass ATLS for Doctors Exame.

Download Pocket Trauma