Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tags - Spreading the Love

Showing off the tags I got from a fellow blogger. Thank you so much Catherine for the wonderful tags. It's a pleasure to be awarded with those. I'll keep them and continue showing them off. Feels great to be appreciated not only by my fellow nurses, but by other bloggers as well. I'm new in the blogosphere and encouragement from guys like Catherine keeps me going. Thanks again.

Now, I am sharing these awards to my favorite nursing blogs: About A Nurse, My Nurse's Notes, Nurse Ratched's Place, Philippine Nurse, The Nurse Practitioner's Place, The Nurse's Academy, The Nursing Site. These tags are for you. Spread the love! Happy blogging! More power to all bloggers!


Mother Jones RN said...

Cool! Thanks.


Vincent Bautista said...

awesome! thank you very much for sharing your tags! Most Appreciated!

Earl Spartan said...

thank you! 5 stars para sa iyo :)

/the nurse's academy

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Thanks so much for sharing your tags with me! It's always great to support each other!